Three Spring Equinox Rituals for a Fresh New You


Ready for a Fresh Start? Spring is finally among us! The beginning of the Astrological New Year and a time to make things fresh and renewed!

If your looking to reap what you sew this year, try one -or all three of these Spring Equinox Rituals.


Plant Some Seeds

What you plant grows! The same goes for intentions and mindset: if you’re always planting negative seeds such as, “I probably won’t get the job” or “I’m not good enough,” how can you expect positivity and abundance to sprout up in your life? Plant what you hope to see blossom.

You can use plants as a physical reminder of your journey.

Look up what will grow best in your climate and temperatures, and do some gardening. Consider the space you have (a kitchen windowsill will do!), and plan your planting accordingly:

  • Beautiful flowers
  • Cooking herbs
  • Edible vegetables
  • Drought tolerant succulents
  • A tree you’ll nurture over the years

Practice tips:

  • Find out what’s in season in your region.
  • Purchase locally grown, organic seeds when possible.
  • Allow your planting to be a creative endeavor: decorate pots with paint, place your seeds in a design, and make a friendly bet on when the first sprouts will show.
  • Invite a child to join you in the spring planting, and learn about the wonders of the earth together. 


Create Your Own Cleanse

Spring cleaning doesn’t need to be limited to your home (though perhaps it could use a deep de-cluttering). As you head towards Spring, consider what areas of your life could use an old-fashioned tidying up, and then dig deeper:

  • Clean your car (inside and out)
  • Create a food challenge for something you’ve been curious about: try a week being vegan or try really eating an apple a day
  • Try purging all processed foods for a full cupboard overhaul
  • Toss all the carcinogenic toiletries in your bathroom

Practice Tips:

  • Let your intuition guide you: what are you truly needing to release?
  • Don’t let old habits stand in the way of new ones: this cleanse doesn’t have to be a permanent change, just a one-time refresh.
  • Get creative. Rearranging your room to boost your mood, go through old birthday cards, deep clean the cat box, or donate old books to the library.


Set Some Intentions

Choose what metaphorical seeds you are planting this season, and how you will water them (see previous section: plant some seeds). What values are you hoping to align yourself with? What desires are you following? Intention setting isn’t just for New Years. Consider pulling affirmation from tarot cards, creating a vision board, or journaling about your latest goals to inform your intentions.

Practice Tips:

  • Light a candle or set up an altar to create a sacred space.
  • Choose one to three positive intentions to really hone your focus.
  • Tell someone you trust about your intentions to help keep you accountable.


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