Explore the energy centers of the body

Chakras are, in very basic terms, 7 energetic centres which our energy flows through. Often when our emotions are out of balance, these centres become blocked which can manifest as illness, aches or pains in the body, so it’s important to know which centres are which and how we can balance them.

After completing this course you will be able to:

🔸Explain each of the 7 chakras in-depth
🔸Understand the imbalances of each chakra
🔸Recognize the signs of imbalance for each chakra
🔸Select an appropriate herb for each chakra
🔸Apply a therapeutic remedy for each chakra imbalance

Learn in comfort

Do coursework when you want, where you want, at your own pace.

Course works on Computers, Laptops, Tablets and Mobile Phones

What is included in the course?

🔸Student Welcome and Course Instructions
🔸Each lesson has an online assignment and quiz
🔸Students receive a personal response to every assignment they submit
🔸Certificate- printable certificate via email, can be sent regular mail to you for  $15.

🔸Tutoring – get coursework help within 24 hours
🔸Access to Facebook student group
🔸Lifetime access to course



Will this course work on my mobile device?

Yes! This online course can be taken on your iPad, tablet, or mobile phone.

We suggest using a laptop or desktop computer for bigger, stunning  visuals and easy reading but the choice is all up to you!



How does the course work?

🔸When you enroll you will have immediate access to your course.
🔸Week 1 includes your student welcome letter, course instructions and lesson 1
🔸Each week you will receive access to a new lesson
🔸You may take your final course exam anytime after completing lesson 4.

🔸All assignments are done online, reviewed and feedback is given
🔸Pass exam with 80% or above to receive printable certificate.
🔸Response time for student help is 24 or less.

How do I enroll?

Just click any of the ENROLL NOW buttons and you will be taken to the product page for this course. Now click ADD TO CART and proceed to checkout and pay for your course.

NOTE: You will select a Password during the checkout process. ** Be sure to note it and keep it in a safe place as it is part of your STUDENT LOGIN credentials.

Your Username will be emailed to you immediately.

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What happens after I enroll?

After you enroll you will have instant access to your course. You can login, go to your course and read through your enrollment package and also move onto your first lesson. One week from the date you do this, a new lesson will become available to you. Take as long as you like to complete each lesson. The course never expires.

How do I access my course?

After you enroll you will have completed the checkout process, you will be taken to a receipt page. Now just click STUDENT LOGIN. You should already be logged in and will be taken to your account page. On this page you will see your profile and all of the courses you are enrolled in. Click on your course and get started!

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If you get stuck, no problem! Just CONTACT US and we will be happy to help!

What will my certificate say?

The Starseed Herbal Academy is honored to present this certificate of HERBAL CHAKRA THERAPY to ‘YOUR NAME’ for the successful completion of the Herbal Chakra Course which included the study of Chakra Therapeutics, Herbal Therapeutics, Energy Psychology, Chakra Balancing, Therapeutic Formulation, Safety, Ethics and the passage of all coursework, projects and final examination. Herbal Chakra Therapist is bestowed on those who chose to work in the field of holistic and energy healing or herbalism as growers, teachers, producers, nurturers, and clinicians while continuing a lifelong pursuit of knowledge in the field.


Are there course requirements?

No, this course does not have any prerequisites. Anyone can take this course.

Who is this course good for?

This course is great for anyone interested in learning about the chakras and herbalism.

You do not have to be an herbalist or holistic health care practitioner to take this course.

This course is also a wonderful addition to any holistic practitioner’s modality list.


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