Our Vision and What We Do

Starseed Herbal Academy is committed to educating and nurturing healers to become successful, practicing Herbalists. Our goal is to reconnect students with the ancient wisdom of the plants renewing a living knowledge of the healing powers of plants through the study and practice of Traditional Western Herbalism, Global Herbology, Herbal Alchemy and Esoteric Herbology.

We recognize that healing involves more than just the body and our courses innovative and embrace the path of healing the body, mind and Spirit. Starseed Herbal Academy believes in the use of medicinal plants and herbs for spiritual evolution. Our courses teach students to combine medicine, ecology and spirituality into their lives and clinical practices.

We teach a new way of looking at holistic health and the responsibility we as individuals have on community and global health. We teach techniques and practices that provide a foundation for a new network of global heath from the inside out.

We offer comprehensive online educational short courses and intensive programs in Herbalism. Our courses adhere to the high standards for herbal education guidelines set by the American Herbalist Guild. You can read these guidelines HERE. “AHG Educational Guidelines were developed to provide a framework for individuals and schools seeking to develop a comprehensive botanical medicine educational curriculum.”

Students at Starseed Herbal Academy get real mentoring. We believe real human interaction and mentoring is essential for the student success. All assignments, projects and tests are monitored, assessed, and feedback and guidance is given to the students.

Our courses in Herbalism teach you to revitalize your health, community and world through nature.




I am a Master Clinical Herbalist, Traditional Naturopath, Holistic Nutritional Therapist, Aromatherapist, Kinesiologist and a retired Lay Midwife attending more than 200 births during my career. I also hold several other holistic certifications. VIEW FULL BACKGROUND

I have an extensive education in holistic medicine but learned early on that I wanted to do more than just clinical work. I feel a deep desire to advocate holistic health, spiritual development and birth. Over the years it became clear to me that I needed to start a school where students can get an enriching education in Herbalism while stepping into the new paradigm of healing where honoring one’s true path is a vital part of holistic health.

I created this school so that I can share the knowledge I have learned with others. I wanted to provide something different than what I could find available to new students searching for a quality education in botanical medicine.

I created the Master Herbalist Certification course to provide an environment for hands-on in class learning where students can connect with nature, themselves, their teachers, fellow students and the community.


I created the Herbal Astrology Online course as an affordable option to add an additional modality to your holistic resume and also to open up the minds of those who are curious about astrology, herbology or both.


View my full Holistic History, a little on how I grew up my and Education by clicking HERE.