Starseed Herbal Academy courses are designed to reconnect you with the earth, medicinal plants and ancestral traditions from around the world in order to heal and consciously evolve yourself and others.
We currently offer in-depth education courses in plant medicine that combine clinical and traditional knowledge with the alchemical, esoteric, spiritual and ancient wisdoms of each plant studied.
Our online Herbal Astrology Course is a smaller work at your own pace course designed for anyone interested in learning more about astrology and herbs and who want to do their course work online in the comfort of their own environment.
The online Herbal Chakra Course is a work at your own pace course that can be completed in 4 weeks and is designed for anyone interested in learning more about herbs and the chakras and who also want to do their course work online in the comfort of their own environment.
We believe healers from all walks of life are moving into a new way of looking at the traditional allopathic medicine model to include not only the body, but also the mind and spirit so that we can facilitate individualized therapies allowing us to become the best version of ourselves.

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